”Not quite a year ago my professional world came crumbling down after an almost 30 year career. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through it and what would happen to me. Times got pretty dark. But as I look over the year since and see how I have grown I want  to thank you! I believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe what happened to me was meant to happen so I could meet you. You are a gifted teacher and a very special woman. You have taught me to be kinder to myself. To find peace in the present moment. To not live in the past.  I have learned so much from you and look forward to what is yet to come.”

Susan Roth

"When I first stepped into Regina’s class I had no idea my life would forever be changed.  I’ve been a student of Regina’s for some time now.  I first fell in love with the workout but then I started to listen.  As someone in recovery, I am constantly battling myself.  Regina has taught me to embrace this.  Embrace the present.  Embrace the uncomfortable feelings, both physical and mental.  Use these feelings to become the best version of myself.  All I ever wanted was freedom. With Regina’s unconditional love, support, & guidance I am finally free to live my best life!"  

Joe C

"Practicing and Coaching with Regina is a transformative experience!  Somehow, no matter the day, no matter the issues in my life, in my head, in my heart, Regina’s words speak directly to where I am at that moment!  She has a way of distilling what I need down to the core where I can empower myself to make a change, go outside my comfort zone and let myself be!" 


"Regina has taught me the tools of empowerment through her honest, straightforward and heartfelt words. I spend multiple days per week with her and each time her message resonates with me. Best of all, she always adds a healthy dose of humor!"

Jody Seibert

"I have had the pleasure of having Regina as my life coach. Her unwavering dedication, support and spiritual mindset are nothing short of profound. Her  commitment to herself and own growth is beyond apparent in her approach to her clients. Her guidance in my sessions allowed me to accept myself, grow and move past all that was holding me back. She helped me to see that my unconscious patterns were blocking me. I feel I am always learning from her wisdom and becoming the best version of myself. I recently got an Angel card reading from her and it was ON POINT! I strongly recommend if you seek change... feel stuck...or just need guidance, there’s no doubt she can help... on many levels. You will be so glad you did!"

Bonnie B

"I wasn’t sure what to expect when beginning to work with Regina. I knew I was going to be going through some real mental and physical challenges, that it would be a little scary and I wouldn’t be feeling good. From the outside everything looked good but inside I had some deeply stored addictions to a pill that drove my life for 26 years, and I am now 31 years old. Regina helped me get through to the root cause of what was preventing me to get clean. I highly recommend Regina to anyone who is ready to take the first step to cleanse and transform. She is an amazing gift, filled with so much love, that she will love you until you can love yourself!" 

Elizabeth White

"I took your class a few times before my husband and I moved to Georgia and I loved it! We had been wanting to move back south for a long time and it was something that you said in one of your classes - “leap and the net will appear” that changed everything! I went home that day and said- “we aren’t renewing our lease here. It’s happening - we just have to trust that the door will open!” And the next week my husband interviewed for an amazing job in Georgia and was called with an offer while he was still at the airport waiting to fly back to Pennsylvania. The net appeared! I will never forget that! Our new home is amazing! Namaste!"


"Regina has been my yoga instructor and life coach for over seven years!  Regina is spiritual and motivating. Our time on the mat together is always physically intense, focusing on core strength and muscle tone. She perfectly weaves in the balance of strength and inspiration. Her positive words of wisdom, faith and self-awareness ground my thoughts and compel me to be a better person both physically and mentally. Her passion and dedication make her the best!!!  I absolutely love her and feel blessed to have in her in my life!" 

Pam Hark

"Practicing yoga with Regina for me is more about the practice of self reflection and observation then it is the physical practice. Throughout each session, Regina tirelessly asks us to look inward, reflect on who we are and decide on how we can become the best version of ourselves. Her yoga practice is incredibly unique and is such a beautiful combination of physical exertion and self discovery. It has taught me how to breathe into the most difficult, uncomfortable places in my life and find a way to set things straight and be the best version of myself."

Kristie R.

I call Regina Coach because that what she is to me. I have an athletic background and still apply those same principles to my fitness coaching and lifestyle. So when I hit obstacles in my life Regina knows actually what to say and has the wisdom, knowledge and experience to understand how to pull me out of the pit fall! I love her dearly and I’m so thankful to have her as my life coach.

Lawrence C.

"I have known Regina for the past 4 years. I look forward to seeing her each week because I always benefit from her spiritual wisdom! I am stronger, more confident, and more at peace because of the guidance I've received from Regina. She is incredibly dynamic and passionate about helping her clients find happiness and meaning in their lives, and she has definitely made a huge difference in my life!"

Pam B.

"Regina's ability to coach you through difficult issues and decisions is amazing. She really listens to you...then helps you identify and release limited beliefs or fears that prevent you from experiencing real joy and fulfillment. I am so grateful to have Regina in our community as one of the best yoga instructors and now life coaching! "

Stephanie G.

"Although my experience with Regina’s coaching is through a yoga class, physical fitness is only half of the experience. Her style of Coaching is absolutely dependent on building mental stability along side physical fitness. She constantly forces one to look inward and find strength of all kinds, to focus on the big picture of one’s life and what is really important, to be cognoscente and respectful of one’s surroundings, and be thankful for all sorts of wonderful everyday things. Regina is a truly grounded individual.  I leave class everyday with a clear head, feeling stronger both physically, emotionally and mentally!"


"You are amazing at what you do!...seriously, this advice, the encouragement and your coaching is exactly what I need to hear! You are right, I need to honor it, love it and be grateful for where I am!

Katy Conicella

"Regina has a rare talent for helping people look inward and to change into the people they wish to become. Her ability to inspire and energize people to confront the hard truths about what is holding them back is combined with an intelligent humanity and deep compassion, enabling her to take her clients on a compelling journey towards freedom that is at once difficult, exhilarating and irresistible! "

Lucy Faulconbridge, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

"I do yoga all over the world and have a lot of teachers.... you are still one of the best! And I love the spirituality !! xoxoxoxox"


"Just finished another amazing, life changing, introspective yoga class with Regina Longo!  She is so talented! Motivational speaker, therapist, Coach and Yoga Teacher all wrapped into one!"

Jacalyn Kerbeck

"I just realized I met you exactly one year ago today. I walked into the class when I was waiting for bloodwork to come back. Even though I only came to your class once a week I really want you to know how much you helped me through very difficult year of IVF. Your class is the one place that I always felt calm and centered like I could find the strength to get through it and keep trying. Thank you so much!"


"Power Vinyasa yoga class with Regina Longo...so grateful to be back to see such an amazing teacher and friend.  She will challenge and inspire you, mind, body and soul!"

Victoria Lynn Emerick

“Regina radiates pure energy. Her intense physical yoga practice is only a small part of her teaching. She helped me survive a very chaotic time in my life by coaching me to remove the obstacles in my path and reminding me of who I really am. Just being in her presence is uplifting.”

Christen Red

“Regina's class isn't just any class...having this mindful practice that she offers in my life has allowed me to live my most powerful self.”

 Danielle Kaufman

 “Regina's amazing. After ten years of practicing and coaching with her I’m still expanding. She takes it beyond yoga.”

Angela T

 "Regina's class is the only yoga I attend not only because of its physical rigor, but because of her unique and inspirational perspective on life, present but not intrusive in every one of her practices."

Jaxon Red

“Regina's classes are like a mindful, meditative, hard core yoga boot camp! You will never work harder, sweat more, or discover how strong you are, inside and out, until you attend yoga -Regina Longo style! There is no other class like it. Seriously.”